Our professional technicians have the experience to handle even the most serious hail damage and we pride ourselves on our easy, stress-free customer service.

When hail strikes in your neighborhood, we send our specialists to help get you back on the road. We only take on the best of the best and many of our team have been with us since we started in 2003.

We’re an independent, Australian-owned business trusted by major insurance companies to bring you back from hail.

What is PDR?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the safe, effective and environmentally friendly way we remove hail damage from your vehicle.

It’s a complicated, technical process so here’s the short version: metal has a memory – which means your car actually wants to go back to the shape it was before the hail hit! We help it do that using a special ‘metal massage’ technique it takes years to learn.

There’s no panel beating and no need for fillers or paint in the majority of cases – and no nasty chemicals or clean up either.

Meet the Team

Our CEO, Adam Woodlands, has worked in vehicle repair for almost 30 years. Adam founded Australasian Hail Network in 2003 after completing three years of specialist PDR training. He’s acknowledged as one of the best PDR practitioners in the country and highly respected in the field. He manages our technicians to make sure all work meets our high standards.

Stephanie Woodlands is our CFO and the organisational brains behind the business. She manages our dedicated, professional customer service team, making sure your experience with us is easy and stress-free from start to finish.


"Would just like to pass on my pleasure at the way I was treated by the Toowoomba branch of hail repair. They were extremely efficient and treated me very courteously and my vehicle was returned as good as new and I was extremely happy at the way I was dealt with. Thank you for such great service at such a stressful time."

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the great service and work the team at Armidale has provided. I have had two other hail repairs to vehicles in the last 15 years and although the outcome was great on both occasions it was a long long wait. I had two vehicles damaged in the October storm here and both have already been repaired, and to a very high standard. Never before have I had such great all round service with great work, and I commend the Armidale team without reservation. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who cared to listen!"

“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service. From the administration team to the repairers, I found everyone to be extremely professional and helpful. The repairs to the car are perfect and it looks as nice as it did prior to the hail damage – thank you!”


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